Ready Respect Strive

In 2019 we introduced our new behaviour policy, which includes describes the way we work to achieve excellent behaviour across the school.  The policy can be found here but you will find below some of the key things to note in the meantime.


  • Code of Conduct – Ready, Respect, Strive – a simple code that ensures the whole community knows our expectations.Code of Conduct - School Logo and Ready Respect Strive medium
  • Behaviour Principles – a set of principles that outlines how we view behaviour in school, and the best way to achieve high standards across the school.
  • Improved communication – the new policy provides us with opportunities to keep parents better informed about the successes of their child(ren) with regard to effort that goes ‘Above and Beyond’ (see below).
  • A new approach to Behaviour Management – whilst the previous system emphasised numbers of ‘points’ linked to a very long list of rules, we have adopted a more streamlined approach in which the emphasis is placed on recognition of effort, plus more immediate consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
  • SWITCH information the numbers displayed on SWITCH now represent the number of behaviour incidents. There is no longer a different tariff for different types of incident.  Consequences are determined by staff considering the relative seriousness of each incident.

Ready respect strive including rules

We are working to find the most meaningful ways to use the SWITCH Learning Platform to provide parents with timely and useful information about student conduct and attendance.

We will be adapting our procedures in support of the implementation of this policy over time, and we welcome feedback as to what is working, plus suggestions of where we can make further improvements.

How do we recognise achievement?

Verbally – staff will actively look for opportunities to praise students for their efforts.  We are privileged to work with so many hard-working students, and we want to make sure they know we have noticed!


Excellent Attendance – Certificates will be awarded each term to those students who achieve 96%+ attendance

We will provide further updates to students via assemblies & tutors and to parents via our newsletter.