Switch Learning Platform

Logo-Blue-SmallThe Switch Learning Platform is a secure website that allows parents and students to view key information, including timetables, achievements, behaviour and reports.

The FAQs below should help you in your use of the system.

Frequently asked questions:

What information is available on SWITCH?

Attendance, achievement, behaviour and detention information is available, in addition to a copy of your child(ren)’s timetable(s). You can also review Progress Reports.

Where can I obtain my login information?

Most parents/guardians will have already received login information via the post. If you have not, or if you have mislaid/forgotten your login, you can follow the link from the SWITCH homepage labelled ‘request your details’. You will be prompted to type in the email address that you have registered with the school.

I have tried to retrieve my login information, but the system is not granting me access – why?

If the email address you enter does not match the address we have on our database, you will not be allowed automatic access to the platform. You can request the information to be sent via the post (please allow 3-5 school days for delivery) by following the link on the SWITCH Login page.

What if my email address has changed since providing it to the school?

Please email studentdetails@kingedwardvi-lichfield.staffs.sch.uk to update your contact information – this is a requirement for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

The attendance information does not appear to be in line with my knowledge of my child’s attendance – what should I do?

Please allow up to 5 days for this to be resolved by our continual register checking and updating process. If you still believe that an error may have been made, please raise your query with attendance@kingedwardvi-lichfield.staffs.sch.uk

I am concerned about the number of behaviour incidents/detentions my child is receiving – who should I talk to?

The Student Support Team are well placed to deal with enquiries of this nature. Please call the school and asked to speak to the Pastoral Support Assistant for the relevant Year group; reception staff will happily direct you to the right person.

I want to see my child’s progress report – where is it found?

The school no longer sends paper copies of student progress reports. When reports are published, parents/guardians can access them via SWITCH.


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