Colours and commendations

Colours assemblies take place annually, usually in the first few weeks back in September. Students receive either full colours (a plain blue tie with the school crest), half colours (a blue tie with a stripe) or junior colours (a gold ribbon which is sewn onto the blazer pocker).

Full school colours

These are reserved exclusively for students who have given excellent service in a major school activity over a lengthy time period.

Only a relatively small number of students are awarded full school colours each year.

Full school colours are awarded to members of Y12 who have:

  • Turned up for all practices/ games/ rehearsals consistently and with a positive attitude.
  • Showed a real commitment to improving their skills.
  • Acted as good ambassadors for their team/ activity and their school.
  • Been willing to show support for the future of their sport or event by encouraging and helping younger students.

Half school colours

These are awarded to Y10 and 11 students who satisfy the same criteria.

Junior colours

These are awarded to members of Y8 and 9 who satisfy the same criteria.

Certificate of commendations

This can be awarded to those students who have contributed but not yet met the criteria for colours.

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