“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana.


  • Mr A.J.Bowman-Head of department
  • Mrs L.Gilmore-Second in Department
  • Ms S.Ingram-History teacher.
  • Miss L. Comer -History teacher.

Aims of Department:

  • To enable students to enjoy history lessons and have the opportunity for extra-curricular activities
  • To enable students to achieve their potential in history and make good progress
  • To develop cross curricular skills in terms of literacy, communication and Citizenship

Key Stage 3:

Students will develop an understanding of events from the medieval period to the present day. The emphasis will be on the skills of interpretation, diversity, sources, causation, evaluation and chronology. There will also be an opportunity to study a Saxon local study in Year 7. By Y9 students will be studying events from the modern world, including very recent events.

Whittington Barracks

Y9 trip to Whittington Barracks

Uniforms ready

Uniforms ready

Over the top

Over the top


Key Stage 4:

Students study the AQA Modern World Course, covering the causes of the Second World War, the Cold War 1945-70, Vietnam, The Black Peoples of the Americas, The USA in the 1920s, Britain in the World wars and Hitler’s Germany. Assessment is by two examinations and two Controlled assessment tasks.

Photo Olympic Stadium Berlin

Olympic Stadium Berlin

Photo Reichstag Building

Reichstag Building

Key Stage 5:

Students study the AQA Syllabus for A level. They study topics on Louis XIV 1643-1715, and the Tudors 1485-1603. They also study an historical enquiry on the French Revolution.


  • History club runs on a Thursday lunchtime
  • Y10 visit to Berlin
  • Y10 visits to RAF Cosford and the Imperial War museum north


  • Opportunity for Y13 students to visit Auschwitz. In recent years there have also been visits to the Battlefields of the First World War in Belgium and France, Paris and Versailles, The National memorial arboretum at Alrewas and Whittington Regimental museum.