Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Languages Department ~ Bienvenue & Willkommen!

MFL Staff

  • Mrs S Dunn = Head of MFL [teaches German + French]
  • Mrs J Briden = Head of French [teaches German + French]
  • Mrs K Baker = teaches French + German
  • Mrs E Loverock = teaches German + French
  • Mrs S Page = teaches German + French
  • Mrs R Taylor = teaches French
  • Mrs N Timores = teaches French

Year 8 into 9 Options information:


As well as our normal classrooms we also have the Digilab, a computer room with specialist languages software to enable more individual practice across the 4 language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.


photo language club

Theresa & Mahaut Galette Language Club Jan 2014

We have a weekly Language Club which aims to give pupils the opportunity to find out more about culture in French and German speaking countries through fun activities as well as improving their language.

Trips / Opportunities Recent

trips include an activity week in France for y8, a visit to Cologne in Germany for y10 / y12 with a programme of language lessons and cultural activities, the Limousin Exchange for y12 French, work experience with the French-owned company, Florette for y12 French, the Limoges Work Experience Programme for y13 French.

Subject overview from September 2014

Y7 – All pupils start French and German.

Y8 – All pupils continue to study French and German.

Y9 – Most pupils start to specialise in one language, although some will continue to do both. GCSE courses begin in both French and German.

Y10 – GCSE courses continue in both French and German.

Y11 – GCSE courses continue in both French and German.

Y12 – AS French and German are offered.

Y13 – A2 French and German are offered with many pupils from these groups continuing with languages at university, including Oxford and Cambridge.