Business Studies

The Business, Economics & Accounting dept.

An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down”

Reid Hoffman co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn

The following members of staff form the business department at King Edwards VI School:

Mr C Rossin: Head of Department (BA Hons Economics; Qualified Accountant – ACA & CTA)

Miss R Baggott: Teacher of Business & Economics (BA Dual Hons Business Administration and Law; MA Education)

Mr N Turner: Teacher of Accounting, Business & Economics (BA Hons Industrial Economics; Qualified Accountant – ACMA and CIMA)

Mrs C Cusack: Teacher of Business (BA Hons Business Management; BA Hons Politics including Economics and Geography)

Why study Business at King Edward VI School?

  • Everything in life involves Business!


Think about that new top you bought last week and then think of what businesses made it possible for you to be wearing it right now? The obvious ones are the Retail outlet (ie. the shop) that you bought the top from and the Manufacturing plant (ie. the factory) that made the top. But what about: The Cotton growers? The Packaging makers? The Delivery company? Health & Safety? Even the companies that manage the finances of all those businesses. Thinking about all those processes and people allows you begin to understand what Business is all about.


Business is a major part of everyones’ life and anybody who has a good idea about how businesses work are at an immediate advantage in the future


As the world becomes more dependent on globalised trade and investment, the demand for well-trained business people grows stronger. Studying Business gives you the skills that will enable you to succeed in any situation in any area of your life, is an investment in your future, and the journey really is a lot of fun! We live in a corporate world and as a result of this business is a universal subject.  There are few, if any, careers for which an understanding of business would not be a major benefit and knowledge of Business (as well as Economics or Accounting) is key to attaining and succeeding in highly paid and challenging roles in all levels of management.


  • Reasons to study with the Business Department at King Edward VI School:


  • Continual high levels of academic success. Over the last 5 years achievement across the range of subjects delivered by the Business department has been as follows:
    • 80-85% of GCSE Business students achieve A*-C grades (national average – 65%) with 25%-40% achieving A*-A grades (national average – 15%)
    • 40-60% of A level Accounting students achieve A*-B grades (national average – 15%)
    • 50-65% of A level Business students achieve A*-B grades (national average – 45%)
    • 55-80% of A level Economics students achieve A*-B grades (national average – 55%)
    • Over 80% of students that study Business, Economics or Accounting at A level chose to study a business related degree at university
    • We are the only school in Staffordshire to offer Accounting at A level (with the added benefit that is taught by professionally qualified accountants)
    • The department are able to provide a real insight into the world of Business having worked in a variety of roles in both the public and private sector. Industry experience of staff in the department includes; Accountancy, Banking, Sales, Marketing, Retail, Recruitment and the Civil Service (in addition, they have an impressive combined total of 46 years of experience in education)
  • The Young Enterprise (YE) scheme run by the business department continues to be a hugely popular and successful opportunity for students. In 2016 the KEVI YE team came third in the UK National Finals winning an extensive range of awards (the 2016 YE team continue to trade as an independent business with their product the “at risk disk” – – being sold nationally in Halfords)


  • The business department are keen to help students engage in as wide and varied range of experiences related to the business world as possible and (in addition to the YE programme) over a number of years the department have provided the following opportunities for students: 9 day trip to China, Treasury Target 2.0 competition, CIPFA Management competition, IFS Investor Challenge, visits to local businesses (eg. Cadbury, Coors brewery, Drayton Manor etc.)


  • Don’t just take our word for it, see what our students say:


“Business was always my favourite subject and, since studying it at university, it’s given me the opportunity to work for a worldwide organisation. I love it because it is professional but sociable, it develops your academic and personal skills; and you can do anything with business.”

Harriet Evans – studying Business at Bournemouth University and completing a work placement year at IBM in London


“I initially chose to study Law at university but soon realised that after my experience at A level that Business Studies would be more beneficial to me in the future due to the huge amounts of opportunities available. Studying A level has given me a head start in the first year, and having a solid foundation of knowledge has allowed me to enjoy university more.”

Lucy Pocock – studying Management at the University of Leeds


“Business Studies has helped me in both my uni work and the jobs I have currently. It allows me to understand the wider implications of the role I play in a business, as well as appreciating business strategy and objectives.”

Aidan Thompson – studying Finance and Management at Leicester University. Aidan is completing contract work for KPMG during term time and has also secured an Internship at J.P. Morgan


  • Future employment opportunities?


Students completing A Level Business go on to study a range of subjects at university or go directly into employment. Business A Level can lead directly onto a business degree course and in addition is common for entry onto university subjects such as accountancy, law, management, economics and international finance. Alternatively, A Level Business will give students a good grounding and the relevant skills essential for the successful transition into the world of work.


Want to find out more about the exciting opportunities with the Business department at King Edward VI School?

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