Art and Design – The Big Picture

       “Imagination is more important than knowledge …” Albert Einstein

Art staff

  • Mrs L. James – Head of Department
  • Mrs E. Hill
  • Mrs S. Watson
  • Miss J. Mandle

Key Stage 3 (Y7, 8 &9) and Assessment at Key Stage 3

Phot Year 8 - Self Portrait

Photo KS3 3D Work

KS3 3D Work

photo Year 9 - Group work

Year 9 – Group work on “Bikes”







Key Stage 4 old specification (Y11) and Assessment at Key Stage 4 (old specification)

Key Stage 4 new specification (Y10) and Assessment at Key Stage 4 (new specification)

GCSE Exam Work

GCSE Exam Work

Photo of GCSE examples

GCSE examples

GCSE Course Work Sample






Key Stage 5 and Assessment at Key Stage 5

art_sample AS exam work

AS Sample Exam Work

AS artwork photo

Example AS Work

Applied Art and Design (KS5)

Students will achieve a double award e.g. AA, BA, BC etc. with the equivalent University points it is effectively two A levels!  Students will work with a wide range of materials and techniques with the purpose of helping them to express ideas, beliefs, opinions etc. in a visual way.  The work of contemporary designers and Artists as well of those from other times and cultures will be an important and integral part of the course, as is the importance of social and historical context. Group projects and work for the community will be encouraged as will contact with Art and Design companies, Businesses, Galleries, Artists and Designers.

Assessment is continuous throughout the course.  AS – 6 units, A2 – 6 units and a final grade is reached by combining all 12 units together.  8 projects over the 2 years are externally set and moderated.  These follow broad based schemes allowing students to make a personal response.

The most important skill is that of independent learning and thinking.  Each student can control their own pathway through largely personal investigation through one to one negotiation with teachers.  By the end of year one students will begin to specialise, set their own assignments and take personal ownership of their work.

Coursework and examination work will require increasingly personal responses you will be asked to make connections between your own work, others work and the wider world.


Applied Art & Design Coursework

Example of Applied Art & Design Coursework

photo bones

Art & Design Sample Work



In year 10 we organise a trip as part of the Curriculum Enhancement Day in the Summer term.

An Arts trip to either Paris or London is usually organised departing some time in the Summer Term.