School Council

School Council Dates – 2015-16

Date School/Year/Tutor Notes
21st Sept Tutor period Election of representatives to  year councils
19th Oct Year Election of representatives to school   council
9th Nov School Council Set out aims for the year

Consider future agendas



7th  Dec School Council  


18th Jan Year Council  


1st Feb School Council  


7th  March School Council  


18th April Year Council  




20th  June School Council  

New Senior Five



8th July School Council  


Senior five attached to the following year groups:

Head Girl – Sarah Hartley – Year 11

Captain of School – Yasmin Palejwala – Year 10

Deputy Head Boy – Rhys Lockwood – Year 9

Deputy Head Girl – Alice Sewell – Year 8

Head Boy – Oliver Moloney – Year 7


School + Year Reps 2015-16