House System

On entry to the school each student is assigned to a House. The school Houses are Addison, Clinton, Darwin and Garrick. Throughout the year students compete against each other in a variety of sporting, musical, cooking and drama competitions. Houses gain points depending on how successful they are in these competitions. These points, along with achievement and behaviour points, are used to work out the most successful House over the duration of the academic year. The winning house takes part in a celebration event on the last day of the summer term. The winning House for the academic year 2019/20 was Darwin.

Events taking place this year include the following;

Cross-Country, Boys Football, Girls Football, Girls Hockey, Boys Rugby, Girls Netball, Boys Cricket, Boys and Girls Tennis, Girls Rounders, Boys and Girls Track and Field Athletics

Drama, Talent Show, Quiz,

Y9 Christmas Bake-Off,  Y7 & Y8 Ready Steady Cook competition

Y8 Skills for Life Card competition, Y7-9 Book borrowing from LRC, Y10 Mario Cart, Termly achievements, KS3 ICT Bebras Competition, Senior, Inter & Junior Maths Challenges,