“Students have very positive attitudes to learning as a result of the school’s positive values. Students’ good behaviour, both in lessons and around the school, contributes to the exceptionally calm and orderly environment. In lessons students participate enthusiastically and are keen to do well.” Ofsted, 2014

pupil progress KEVI

Our aim is to establish a student support structure that utilises the skills and expertise of all staff in ensuring excellent Pastoral Support, the highest standards of Behaviour for Learning, and outstanding Academic Achievement.

In September 2014, King Edward VI will implemented a new structure to our Guidance Team.  The former Guidance Team consisted of Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year who were all teaching staff.  We recognised that as schools develop, the demands on the role of staff that support pupils in their well-being and achievement are becoming greater.  In order to ensure we could support all of our students, and to increase our effectiveness in terms of communication with parents, we adopted the structure laid out below.

Guidance Team

Guidance structure

You will note that the title ‘Achievement Leader’ indicates our desire that all students achieve to the best of their ability.  Achievement Leaders and their assistants work to ensure that all students are making good progress, and implement appropriate interventions where this is not the case.

Pastoral Support Team

All Year teams are supported by our Pastoral Support Team, led by Mrs Tooth as our Inclusion Manager and overseen by Mr Goodhead as senior leader for Inclusion and Student Support.  In addition to the pastoral support team, our sixth form team continue to receive support from Mrs Patey-Round (Post-16 Administration Officer).

pastoral team

The Pastoral Support Team has inherent flexibility in their day, as they do not have formal teaching commitments.  This enables the Team to respond to concerns from parents in a timelier manner than has been the case historically.   They work closely with students who are experiencing difficulties in the areas of attendance, behaviour and well-being.