Student Support


The emotional wellbeing of our whole school community is of great importance to us at King Edward’s School. We are currently working towards the Wellbeing Award for Schools.  This is a national scheme designed to promote positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and wellness for pupils, staff and the wider school community.  You can find out more in the attached powerpoint below.

Wellbeing Award for Schools

There are a number of key adults in school who support our students. The following has been prepared and shared with students so they know where to go and who to speak to. If they are ever unsure, we encourage them to speak to their Form Tutor.

Students – Who do I go to…

If you have any questions/queries or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please see the guide below to help to guide you who to contact in a range of scenarios.

Parents – who should I contact…

Student Support

Providing support for students is at the heart of our ethos as a school.  We work to provide this support in numerous ways, including our face-to-face work, and remote support when we are not in school.  There are numerous agencies that work with us to ensure students get specialist support when required.  The following links provide direct access to information about services that students and parents may wish to learn more about:

School Counselling Service

CAMHS (Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service)

Young Minds – Mental Health Support for Young People

Helplines – multiple sources of support (online, phone, face to face)

Health for Teens – Everything you wanted to know about health 

Children & Young People’s Mental Health Support. Staffordshire Connects have devised a really useful interactive map showing the local support available with regards to children and young people’s emotional and mental health. Please click on the link to access it. Children’s mental health support pathway | Staffordshire Connects

Our aim is to establish a student support structure that utilises the skills and expertise of all staff in ensuring excellent Pastoral Support, the highest standards of Behaviour for Learning, and outstanding Academic Achievement.

Year Teams

Achievement Leaders and their assistants work to ensure that all students are making good progress, and implement appropriate interventions where this is not the case.  They work closely with our Student Support team to provide excellent pastoral support to all our students.

Student Support Team

All Year teams are supported by our Student Support Team, led by Mrs Tooth as our Inclusion Manager and overseen by Ms Hinz as senior leader for Inclusion and Student Support.  In addition to the pastoral support team, our sixth form team receive support from Mrs Gillson (Post-16 Administration Officer).

The Student Support Team has inherent flexibility in their day, as they do not have formal teaching commitments.   They work closely with students who are experiencing difficulties in the areas of attendance, behaviour and well-being.