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In order to support the School’s Code of Conduct, ‘Ready, Respect, Strive’, students are expected to be dressed appropriately at all times.  The guidance that follows has been developed in consultation with staff, parents and students. It is intentionally detailed in order to avoid any confusion.  Many of the aspects have additional guidance, and parents are encouraged to contact the school if there are any questions related to the  information provided.

Please note that all items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the student’s full name and tutor group.

There are various suppliers of King Edward VI uniform, including both high-street and online retailers, details of which can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

For a brief overview of our uniform, check our School Uniform Guidance document.  For equipment, please see Essential equipment list.  A more detailed visual guide to correct uniform can be found here:  Detailed Uniform Guidance – September 2020


  • Black blazer (sleeves rolled down) with a school badge
  • King Edward VI School Skirt or Plain black trousers (without zips/writing/studs and not chinos, jeans or jeans style)
  • White shirt
  • Clip on school tie (with approval, county or colours ties may be worn as an alternative as long as the top button remains fastened)
  • Optional plain black V-neck knitted jumper (with or without school badge)
  • Plain ankle socks or Plain black or neutral tights
  • Plain black shoes (not sports trainers or canvas shoes, mesh material or shoes with obvious logos/emblems or shoes with high heels or boots)

Summer Term Uniform

  • Trousers (or school skirt), shoes and socks as previously outlined
  • Powder/Sky blue polo shirt with school badge

Boys' uniform 3

Sixth Form Uniform

Details of the Sixth Form Dress Code are provided in the Sixth Form Code of Conduct.
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Wearing Uniform correctly

  • Blazers should be worn before and after school, during lessons, between lessons, and at social times. Teachers may give specific permission within a lesson for blazers to be removed, but they should be replaced before the end of the lesson
  • Blazers are optional during the summer term, but must be worn for assemblies and exams. No other item is to be worn over the summer polo shirt e.g. jumper
  • Blazer/jumper sleeves should not be rolled up
  • Skirts should always be worn at an appropriate length, no more than 5 cm above the knee, and not rolled up at the top
  • Shirts should remain tucked in at all times (the summer polo shirt does not need to be tucked in)
  • Coats (worn when the weather is poor) must be worn on top of the blazer, and not used as an alternative to the blazer

Outdoor Clothing

  • Students are permitted to wear a plain, dark outdoor coat over their blazers when the weather is poor. Camouflage-style combat clothing, pull over ‘hoodies’, leather/faux leather and denim are not permitted. (This includes clothing heavily decorated with insignia.)
  • Wearing of sweatshirt-style zipped jackets is not permitted, as they do not offer adequate protection against cold/wet weather
  • A plain scarf in a dark colour is permitted. Football scarves are not permitted
  • Headwear should not usually be worn. In conditions of extreme cold, a plain hat may be worn outdoors.
  • Headwear worn for cultural/religious reasons should be plain and black.
  • In cases of extremely poor weather (e.g. heavy snow), students may wear boots for their journey to and from school. They must change into school shoes on arrival at school unless specific permission is given otherwise.

Hair, Makeup, Jewellery and Belts

  • Extreme hair styles are not permitted – this includes hair dyed an unnatural colour, or patterns shaved into the hair
  • Jewellery is not permitted in school, with the exception of an inexpensive watch (NOT a ‘Smart watch’), a small ring and a small plain earring (stud) in each ear. Students will be required to remove items of jewellery for some practical lessons
  • Other forms of piercing (including but not limited to: nose/eyebrow/tongue piercings) are not allowed and students will be asked to remove them. This includes any form of retainer (transparent or otherwise)
  • Students wearing excessive makeup or colourful nail varnish/false/acrylic/fibreglass/gel nails will be asked to remove it/them
  • Jewellery worn for religious reasons should be discussed with the school in advance
  • Belts should be plain and black, and should have a plain buckle.  Oversized and/or heavily branded belts/buckles are not acceptable.


School bags should be of an appropriate size to contain all of the required equipment and books for school.


School shoes – acceptable or unacceptable shoes for school – guidance for parents

In cases of extremely poor weather (e.g. heavy snow), students may wear boots for their journey to and from school. They must change into school shoes on arrival at school unless specific permission is given otherwise.


You can view detailed guidance on appropriate styles of trousers.

Both our approved uniform suppliers, WB Global Trading and Uniform Plus, are aware of acceptable styles of trousers.

Inappropriate Uniform

Students wearing inappropriate uniform are expected to rectify it immediately. The school may:

  1. Confiscate the item of incorrect uniform
  2. Contact parents so that appropriate uniform can be brought to school
  3. Send the student home to change
  4. Provide an alternative in the short-term whilst the issue is resolved Should you have any difficulty providing any item of uniform, please contact the Student Support Team at the school.

PE Kit:

Please see here for further details: PE Kit

Uniform Suppliers:

WB Schoolwear – online or in store.  School uniform and PE kit.

20 Bells End Lane, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8ND

Online – https://www.wbglobaltrading.co.uk/store/King-Edward-VI-School-Lichfield-c21543969

Uniform Plus – online or in store.  School uniform and PE kit.

As time moves on making personal visits to the shop may prove to be a little more difficult and we are trying to encourage  early shopping is the best and less stressful.  With this in mind if you are sending out an end of year message to parents would it be possible to include a small message from us please.

Choices now available to purchase uniform

*Arrive and shop – there may be a small wait at times

*Order on-line for delivery or collection

*Make appointment for a convenient time

Apartment 2, Cardinal House, 19A Tamworth Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6JP   01543 414520

Unit 6, Burntwood Town Shopping Centre, Cannock Road, Chase Terrace, Burntwood, Staffs. WS7 1JR  01543 677068

Online – click here

MyClothing.com – Selected school uniform items. Online.*

  • White PE polo shirt – embroidered with school badge
  • Summer polo shirt (powder blue) – embroidered with school badge
  • Boys/Girls Blazers – embroidered with school badge
  • Black V-Neck knitted jumpers – embroidered with school badge

You can find the items by clicking this link.

  *This online uniform service does not provide the King Edward VI Skirt.  Skirts must be purchased from our other suppliers (above).

Canterbury (online) –School PE kit. Click here to visit the dedicated Canterbury King Edward VI website