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Welcome to the online hub for all information and forms regarding Instrumental Lessons at King Edward VI School.


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Applications for Music Tuition 

Please read the Music Tuition Leaflet before applying for lessons. It contains important terms and conditions, information and guidance about how the instrumental lessons work, how payment is arranged and the commitment for the full year. We hope to have covered a wide range of questions in the leaflet but please do get in contact with Mrs Dawson at with any specific enquiries.

Lessons for 2023-24 – Applications for 2023-24 are now closed.  Please email for any queries relating to the current academic year.

Lessons for 2024-25 – All new and existing students interested in music tuition will need to complete the online application form to express an interest in applying for lessons, please complete the online form.

By Friday 8th of September we hope to have made contact with all students that applied for music tuition, with details of their timetable. 

Read the Music Tuition Leaflet Applications for Music Tuition 2024-25

Information for Students

We appreciate that for new students arriving in September, it can be difficult to work out how music lessons work at the school. We have put together a short student guide with step-by-step instructions of how to get started with music lessons. It might be something that students download to their phone for the first couple of weeks of term so they are able to reference it, or printed copies can be requested from the music office. If students have any questions about music lessons, they can speak to any of the music staff and we will be happy to help.

Student Guide to Instrumental Lessons

Stopping Music Lessons

Whilst we are keen to promote the benefits of continuing music lessons, we do appreciate that there are a few occasions when requesting an end to instrumental lessons is required. If the reason is due to financial difficulties or there are any aspects of the instrumental lessons you would like to discuss, speaking to either the finance department or Mr Willey first can often be the best first step. We can then discuss any further options that might be available to you.

To request to stop instrumental lessons, please email Mrs Dawson at and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.