computer--tablet--ipad--phone--cell-phone---29661783-medRes-jpgAt King Edward VI we have a strong desire to ensure pupils are safe online, whether that be during the school day or beyond.  Increased awareness of e-safety issues is provided through the assembly programme, PSHE lessons, and through our work with anti-bullying.  Pupils are encouraged to report any concerns to a member of staff, whereupon appropriate action is taken to ensure the safety of individuals.

If you have any concerns related to e-safety, please contact us here.

The information below is provided to help parents ensure the safety of their children whilst using the internet:

Need help monitoring your child’s use of mobile technology?

Parents can also consider using specialist software to help them control what their children can access via smartphones, tablets and computers.  Point2Protect is one example of such software.tukLogo

Further information related to e-safety can be found at http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ 


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