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King Edward VI Attendance Policy – July 2015 – CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW

Leave of Absence Request Form

“Attendance is above average because students value what the school offers them.” Ofsted, 2014.



Attendance pattern 2014

The school’s attendance target for the current academic year is 96%


Encouraging good attendance gives each pupil the best chance to learn and achieve to their full potential. As you are aware, in September 2013 government regulations regard-ing holidays in term-time changed. The changes made it clear that schools may not grant any leave of absence from school during term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

One year on from these changes, the Local Authority has reviewed the county’s criteria for issuing penalty notices for those pupils who miss out on school without permission and where the Local Authority is, therefore, required by law to take appropriate action. This has resulted in some changes which are outlined below and are now in effect:

Penalty Notice for leave of absence (holiday) in term time

Previously the approach was to only issue a Penalty Notice if the pupil’s overall attendance was below 87%. This threshold has now been removed.

Previously only one Penalty Notice per pupil was issued within an academic year. This limit has been removed so more than one Penalty Notice could be issued for repeated absence without permission during term time.

Previously pupils missing 10 sessions or five days taken together risked a Penalty Notice. Now a combined total of ten sessions (not necessarily grouped as 5 consecutive days) could trigger a Penalty Notice. Instead of monitoring and totalling holiday absences taken across each academic year, they will now be monitored across the previous three terms, regardless of academic year

Penalty Notice for persistent absence

Parents whose child is repeatedly absent will now only receive one warning notice period to bring about improvement in attendance in a single academic year. If attendance deteriorates again then no further formal warning notice will be issued and the Local Authority can automatically consider other statutory actions if unauthorised absence re-occurs.

Further details and a copy of the revised Code of Conduct for issuing Penalty Notices can be obtained from the council’s website

The vast majority of pupils have an excellent record of attendance and we very much appreciate the support from parents in encouraging this.