Safeguarding and Child Protection

Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding: Mrs L Hurn

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs C Forster, Mr P Cotton, Ms K Hinz and Mrs J Tooth

King Edward VI School is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children entrusted in our care. Our school will support all children by:

  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within school
  • Encouraging a positive self-esteem
  • Effectively tackling bullying and harassment

At King Edward VI we recognise that

  • Child Protection is everyone’s responsibility and that it is important to follow legal procedures.
  • Child Protection is the activity that is taken to protect specific children from suffering. This suffering can take the form of physical injury, emotional neglect, physical neglect, sexual abuse and emotional injury.
  • Safeguarding is the action we take to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.

Everyone working with our children, their parents and carers should be aware that:

  • Their role is to listen and note carefully any observations which could indicate abuse.
  • They should not attempt to investigate once the initial concern is raised.
  • They should involve one of the Safeguarding Leads immediately.
  • If one of the Safeguarding Leads is not available, please contact any senior member of staff.
  • Disclosures of abuse or harm from children may be made at any time.

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For our current Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy please visit our Policies & Documents page.

King Edward VI School Safeguarding information for visitors and volunteers

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“There is a strong culture of safeguarding which is effectively promoted by an appropriately vigilant and well-trained team of staff. Regular child protection and ‘Prevent’ duty training for staff throughout the year ensures that they have a strong understanding of safeguarding issues, including how to recognise any signs that a pupil may be at risk. 

The governing body makes a good contribution to the safeguarding culture in the school. It holds leaders appropriately to account for the impact of the child protection policy and several governors are well-trained in safeguarding procedures. 

Pupils feel safe at school because they say bullying is rare. School records confirm this. On the few occasions when incidents do occur pupils told inspectors that they are entirely confident that staff will quickly and effectively deal with matters. “

Ofsted, October 2017