Sixth Form Careers

Careers Advice
It is important to consider courses and careers together, even though the student may not expect to start work for a further 2 to 6 years. The Careers Adviser should be consulted on the suitability of subject choice and the probable entry requirements for particular occupations, dates of applications, training methods and prospects. Admission tutors at university are always willing to answer specific questions about the subject requirements for their own subjects – a telephone call can often provide a quick answer to a long, drawn-out dilemma. The UCAS web site is a valuable source of detailed course information as well (

The Careers Library in the upstairs section of the Resources Centre has recently been updated to provide extended online access is available for reference books, pamphlets, prospectuses and other printed materials. Individual guidance is given by the Sixth Form team. The Careers Officer visits the school by prior arrangement, to see students on an appointment basis. Other appointments may be arranged through the Careers Office. Guest speakers visit the School to address students on employment and Higher Education. Students will attend Open Days appropriate to their individual UCAS applications, and all will have the opportunity to attend the local Higher Education Convention in Year 12. There is no shortage of advice; students are urged to take advantage of the information offered.

Work Experience

If a student wishes to undertake work experience, where possible it should be arranged outside of term time. However, if an opportunity arises, in order for the absence to be coded as work experience, we require a minimum of 3 weeks notice. Students should contact Mrs Baker, our Careers Advisor, to complete the relevant forms, as well as asking parents to complete a Leave of Absence Form.

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