Access Arrangements

Access arrangements are pre-agreed reasonable adjustments that are made to exams, tests and assessments for individual candidates. Access arrangements are in place to ensure that all candidates are able to access exams, tests and assessments, and have the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities, as other candidates.

Some candidates are not able to fully access exams, tests and assessments due to their disabilities, impairments and other circumstances. Access arrangements are not just for candidates with disabilities, but cover a range of circumstances, that cause difficulties accessing learning. Legislation, particularly the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 has set out that, without access arrangements some candidates will be at a disadvantage, and therefore not fully able to demonstrate their skills and gain necessary qualifications.

Accommodations can include:

  • extra time (25% is usual)
  • a reader
  • a scribe
  • using a computer instead of handwriting
  • using assistive software (screen reader/voice recognition)
  • supervised rest breaks
  • a separate room
  • a prompt

Within the Learning Support department we have fully trained professionals who can undertake testing for examination access arrangements under the JCQ guidelines. We therefore pride ourselves in offering support in exams throughout Year 7 to Year 13. According to JCQ guidelines all students have to be assessed every Key Stage for access arrangements, it is school policy in KS3 to only offer access arrangements that a student may be likely to be entitled to in KS4 in order to provide appropriate practice.

Teachers and parents can seek assessment of a student at any time. Once the student has been assessed a report will be sent to parents and all teachers. A further meeting can be requested for more detailed discussions following this report.

Should you have any queries about Access Arrangements please contact the school and ask for Mrs G Davis.

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