Music Tuition Timetables

Click the relevant link to see your timetable. You will need to know your student letter/code to be able to work out your time. If you are unsure of this, please speak to Mrs Dawson and she will be able to help.

New timetables for 23/24 may be found below:

Lessons are due to commence from Monday 11th September.  Students should now have received details of how to read the timetable. Please visit the music block  if you have not received your details.

Last updated 20/05/24

Mr Peverelle Drums Timetable (MONDAY/FRIDAY) *updated 11.04.24*

Mrs Anderson Woodwind Timetable (MONDAY) *updated 20.05.24*

Mr Moon Piano Timetable (TUESDAY) *updated 21.03.24*

Mrs Rowley Flute Timetable (TUESDAY) *updated 08.04.24*

Mr Rowley Guitar Timetable (TUESDAY & FRIDAY) *updated 08.04.24

Mrs Cooke Keyboard/Piano Timetable (WEDNESDAY) *updated 09.05.24

Mrs Dingle Singing Timetable (WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY) *updated 22.03.24

Mrs Chen Piano Timetable  (WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY) *updated 11.04.24*

Mrs Chen Violin/Viola Timetable (FRIDAY) *updated 11.04.24*

Mr Stringer Brass Timetable (FRIDAY) *updated 21.03.24*