Music Tuition Guidance

Welcome to the Music Department. We are looking forward to having you as part of the music community here at the school and to supporting you as you develop as a musician. Students should read the information below to familiarise themselves with how music tuition works.

Music Tuition will start in September

All lessons will resume/start on the first full week of term in September. Timetables are confirmed with teachers alongside the students that have signed up. This is a huge task however we are aim to communicate lesson timetables with students at the end of the first week back at school in September. An update will be sent to students through tutors and to parents via a group message at the start of the new school year.

Check your lesson time online

You will be given a letter/code during Tutor Period in the first week of term. This letter/code is written into the timetable to show when your lesson is. if you do not receive a code but signed up for lessons, don’t panic – send an email to and we can ensure this is resolved.

Timetables will be posted online on the timetables page and kept up to date. Lesson times may be subject to change but not without reasonable notice, so students should always check their time the day before their lesson.

Lesson times are rotated each week

Lessons are rotated each week to ensure that students do not miss the same lesson every week. If you foresee that you will be missing a lesson more than once or twice in a term, it is important that you speak to Mr Willey or Miss Winch so we can make an arrangement that lowers the impact on your studies.

All lessons will be at one end of the Music block, in either Brannan Room, The Studio or Practice Room 1.

The room will be shown on your timetable.

Storing your instrument

If you bring an instrument into school, it can still be stored in the Instrument Store in Music Block (the code can be requested from Mr Willey or Miss Winch in Music). Your instrument must be dropped off at the beginning of school and collected at the end of school.

Arriving at your lesson

Make sure to tell your teacher at the beginning of the lesson that you need to leave for an Instrumental Lesson. You should head to the Music block and ensure you are on time. If you need to collect your instrument from the store, do this first then wait to be called in by your teacher. All entering and exiting lessons will be managed by the teachers. You may drop off your instrument in the store before heading back to lessons if you need to.


If you have any questions at all, please do speak to Mr Willey or Miss Winch in Music and they will be happy to help.