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Year 11 GCSE results at King Edward VI School 2019

206 Year 11 students collected their examination results from King Edward VI School this year. They have achieved excellent results across a wide range of subjects with the proportion of students picking up top grades rising again this year.

  • 84% of students achieved a Grade 4+ in both English and Mathematics.
  • 65% of students achieved the benchmark of a ‘strong pass’ (5+) in both English and Maths
  • 78% of students achieved a ‘strong pass’ (5+) in English, 71% of students achieved a ‘strong pass’ (5+) in Maths
  • 87% of students achieved a ‘standard pass’ (4+) in English, 88% of students achieved a ‘standard pass’ (4+) in Maths
  • 84% of students achieved 2+ GCSEs in Science at Grade 4+, with 47% of the cohort taking triple science this year.
  • Grade 9: Nearly all subjects picked up Grade 9 results. 18 in Physics, 14 in Maths, 14 in Biology, 10 in Chemistry, 9 in Art, 9 in Geography, 6 in English Language, 5 in English Literature, 5 in Business Studies, 5 in Religious Studies …. with a third of all GCSE grades across subjects at grades 7-9 (equivalent to A grade upwards).
  • Success means different things to different people; working hard for something you find challenging and achieving your goal is hugely rewarding. The wide range of option subjects have all seen success this year: ASDAN, Art, Business Studies, Computer Science, Design Technology, Food, French, German, Geography, History, Music, PE, Health & Social Care, iMedia and Performing Arts … well done to all our students who have worked hard to achieve their goals across the full grade range of 1-9 at GCSE and Pass to Distinction* at BTEC/Level 2 courses.

With a huge number of students picking up top grades it is hard to single out an individual but a special mention goes to Freddy Metcalfe. He achieved an amazing 7 x Grade 9s (English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Geography) 2 x Grade 8s (German & Religious Studies), 1 x Grade 7 (Design Technology) and an A grade in Further Maths. Absolutely outstanding results and the culmination of five years of consistent effort and hard work.

Freddy Metcalfe

Grade 9 is only awarded to exceptional performance, the very top end of the former A* grade. The following students picked up more than one Grade 9:

METCALFE Freddy (7), FOULGER Isabel (6), FOX Benjamin (6), SRAI Harleen (5),THORNEYCROFT Amelia (5), HASSAN Memo (5), KENNEDY James (5), SEMPLE Ella (5), EVANS Tayla (5), BESWICK Emily (5), SHEPHERD Martha (4), VELANI Anjali (4), TURNER Louise (3), GALE Ella (3), CARTWRIGHT Sam (3), STONE Rhiannon (3), BURROWS Matthew (3) , TAYLOR Brooke (2), GREEN Jemima (2), WILLIAMS Cameron (2), TONKS Matthew (2). A large number of other students picked up a Grade 9 across a range of subjects with a third of all GCSEs passed at grades 7-9.

Leo Walters Olivia Baker

Leo Walters and Olivia Baker both successfully passed the BTEC Performing Arts course this year.

Leo achieved 1 x Grade 9, 2 x Grade 8, 4 x Grade 7, 2 x Grade 6 and a Level 2 Distinction in Performing Arts. Olivia achieved 2 x Grade 8, 3 x Grade 7, 2 x Grade 6, 1 x Grade 5, 1 x Grade 4 plus a B in Further Maths alongside a Level 2 Merit in Performing Arts.

Students have done exceptionally well to secure Level 2 passes (equivalent to Grade 4+) across Health & Social Care and Performing Arts courses. Students apply practical and vocational skills across their subjects so it was extremely disappointing to find that the ‘standard’ grade thresholds for BTEC courses were changed just a week before the results were issued this year. This has caused national unrest amongst schools as it removes the capacity for students to make any adjustments to their work or resit examinations and effectively moves the standard required to attain a particular grade.

The majority of the year group (75%) took a GCSE in French or German, with further uplift in the languages results this year as this cohort had equal opportunity to study both French and German from Year 7. Language qualifications are increasingly important as the need to work globally is almost universal across companies and at King Edward VI School it is a central part of our curriculum offer with progression to A-level in both languages. Ben Fox achieved a Grade 9 in German as part of a stunning set of results: 6 Grade 9s, 2 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7 GCSEs alongside a Grade A^ (awarded only to those students at the very top end of the A* grade) in Further Maths.

Ben Fox

Students were rightly proud of their results today and we look forward to welcoming many of them back to the Sixth Form. I would like to thank all the staff for their ongoing support over time for classes and individuals. Many of our students have been through some challenging times; the capacity to be flexible when needed and the additional support for students, which staff give freely, makes a huge difference. Well done to all our students and thank you to parents for all their support.

For students joining the Sixth Form, they have all received information about enrolment and any requests for changes to courses. There is a reminder on the website for students if needed.


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