Information for students taking Public Exams

Dear Parents and Carers, Students have been working well and completing exams in art and languages this week. On Monday they will begin formal written examinations. Students have been spoken to about the procedures for examinations regularly throughout the year and in assemblies last week.  At the beginning of the school year all examination candidates were emailed a link to the “JCQ Notices to Candidates” on the school website (   They should ensure that they are familiar with this for their written examinations.  This can be found on the website under “School Life – Examinations – Written examinations”.  THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE READ CAREFULLY.


As some of the examinations finish after the end of the normal school day, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for safe travel home.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to familiarise him/herself with the dates and times of examinations.  The published starting times for examinations cannot be delayed for those late in arriving.  Morning examinations all start at 9:00am.  Afternoon examinations all start at 1:30pm.  Candidates should be waiting outside exam rooms at least 20 minutes before the start time.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have with them all equipment they may need during the examination.  Students must attend all examinations in school uniform.


Students have all been issued with an individual timetable including the dates, times and rooms of examinations. They should bring this with them to school on each occasion to avoid any confusion. There is a general examination timetable on the school website which shows the date and time of each examination, again, this is on the page labelled School Life – Examinations. If, for any reason, a student misplaces their individual timetable they should visit the Exams Office well in advance of their next examination to check any queries over rooming arrangements.


Students know that they must behave appropriately during examinations.  Any form of behaviour, in or around the examination room, which risks distracting other candidates will be dealt with promptly and as a matter of the utmost seriousness.  Should this occur, parents of the individual concerned will be invited in to school to discuss the basis on which any further examinations might be taken.



If a student misses an examination due to illness, a telephone call to the school should be made as soon as possible on the day of the examination concerned.  Please speak to a receptionist, do not call the absence line as the receptionist will be able to relay a message to the examination team. A doctor’s note will also be required.


  • Any student who misses an examination for an unacceptable reason will be expected to pay the entry fee for that subject.  A bill will be sent directly to parents.
  • Should a student not present him/herself for an examination paper at the time required, a member of the Examinations team will telephone home to check the student’s whereabouts.




GCSE:                    Thursday 22 August 2019 – 9:00am to 11:30pm in the Library Resource Centre

Those students who wish to have their examination results posted must provide a stamp (which will be attached to a pre-prepared envelope) to the Exams Office before the summer holiday commences. If a student wishes someone to collect results on their behalf (eg: a parent or relative) they must send them with a signed letter of authorisation. Without this results cannot be given under any circumstances.


Students who have concerns regarding their examination results and their application to return to the Sixth Form must speak with Mr Butler (Head of Sixth Form) or another member of staff on the results day.  For students who receive their results by post, a note explaining the arrangements will be issued with the examination results.

Further details about the leavers assembly and the year 11 Prom will be emailed nearer the time. We would like to thank year 11 for the mature and positive way in which they have responded to the examinations so far and wish them lots of luck over the coming weeks.  Kind regards, Catharine Forster, Deputy Headteacher

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